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Like every first step, this is the most important one.  During this first consultation, we learn the scope of your project, the budget and the timeline.  When Rare Built can start your project is something we are very candid about and pride ourselves on not “over promising” and “under delivering”.

If your project is a bathroom renovation, or building your dream home, there are key elements that become our focus during this first step, besides the budget, your timeline and ours, is very important to us.




After we’ve established what your project is, creating specifications about how we’ll build it make it very clear to everyone what to expect.  These specifications are tailored to fit your needs and budget.  There is no “cookie cutter” specification sheet used for your project.  A great deal of pride is taken on creating the “little details” that will ultimately make your project a success!

We then meet again to review the budget, specifications and timeline.



After the budget, specifications and timeline are agreed upon, we get to work!!  We do our very best to make your project, and you as clients, our priority.  Constant open communication, a hands on approach, and transparency are all part of our process.

Since our goal isn’t the quantity of projects we take on, this allows us to focus all of our attention on 1 to 2 clients, not numerous clients all expecting to get our attention.  Because the “little details” are critical to us, it’s been our experience that these can get missed when quantity, not quality becomes the focal point.

This same step involves all the actual work needed to make your project a reality.  If we are working with an architect, designer or directly with you to build your vision, site meetings and a ongoing review of the budget and timeline are a must for us.

From the beginning of the demo, if your project is a renovation, or the first bucket of dirt dug, if your project is a brand new home, we are on site daily, doing exactly what we promised.  We want our clients to enjoy the building process, not be stressed during it.  This journey doesn’t need to be stressful, with full transparency and open communication, there is absolutely zero guess work involved.



Your renovation or new home is now completed and our goal to make sure you’re 100% satisfied is the driving force throughout this journey.  We want to maintain excellent relationships with our past clients as much as we do with our current clients.  So at Rare Built, we make sure that the next two years we’re there to help when you need to change furnace filters, shut off hose bibs, or do all the other tasks related to being a homeowner.  So for two years after completion, not only do we look after drywall touch-ups, but we also look after all the little things, treating your home, like ours….