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About Rarebuilt


At Rarebuilt Custom Homes, we know that your home is more than just an investment; your home is a reflection of you and your family. A place where you will gather, grow and make everlasting memories.

We believe in a personalized approach. Our reputation for exceptional client service along with specializing in executive and custom home projects guarantees a positive experience from start to finish. We maintain a hands-on approach throughout the process to ensure that your home is designed around your lifestyle and perfectly fits your vision to make your dream home a reality.

About Ray

Our team consists of top quality trades, designers, and professionals that strive to deliver the best product to our client. Working together to provide our clients with a positive experience in building their dream home is our number one priority.

Founder of Rarebuilt

Ray Bojakli, born and raised in Calgary, is a former Police Officer of nearly 20years with the Calgary Police Service. Ray has made a conscious and continual effort to give back to the community. Ray is a passionate and dedicated family man and strives to be known for the quality of work he does. Ray believes in open communication, making sure he delivers on what’s expected and never cutting corners. He has a keen eye for detail, does not settle for anything less and expects the best from his trades. Ray will often say that he is only as good as his trades are. His history with policing has taught him to be a team player and to strive to be better every day. Ray would rather successfully manage one or two clients who have his attention, instead of numerous clients who feel like that the small details are being missed. Ray’s belief is that “It’s the small details, once captured properly, that make the big details all look good!!”

Our Credentials


“We always loved our home and our location but with there were parts of our house that did not function the way we wanted for our family. We knew an addition and overall renovation would be quite a big project, but we didn’t want to lose the feeling of our home. Close friends of ours who had their home done with Ray recommended we use him. After meeting Ray, we were excited to start immediately. His team is very knowledgable and truly listened to us, catering to what was best for our family. Their work is impeccable down to the very last detail. On the day of our reveal, we fell in love with our house all over again!”
Jason & Lila ~ MT.Victoria
“We bought a home outside of the city where we could spend weekends as a family away from the stresses of the city. It needed work and our long time friend who is also our interior designer told us we had to use Rare Built, we wouldn’t be disappointed. We wanted to have the place ready before Christmas and thought it couldn’t be done in the short time frame but Ray assured us that his team could get it done on time and on budget. The entire team and all trades used were very approachable, willing to make changes on the fly and extremely professional. Our satisfaction was their top priority. They stayed on task to meet the deadline, which they did! When we saw our home for the first time, we were speechless. They went above and beyond for us, even setting our place up for the holidays so we could enjoy our home with our family and friends. The Rare Built team did more than just renovate our home, they gave us the perfect weekend getaway. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what was given to us.”
Neil & Larissa ~ Bearspaw